CHRISTMAS RIDE (PG), family road trip movie produced by Art Promotions in cooperation with Yarbrough Media Productions. Academy Award Qualified Feature Film, 108 mins, DCI, DCP, forgiveness. ghosts, angels. cops & robbers, artist, veteran. Dove says ages 12+ Faith and Family seals. Contact Art Promotions at 901 859-2316 or write CHRISTMAS RIDE is an inspirational feature film. CHRISTMAS RIDE is a Road Trip to Remember! Now theater ready in DCI format. contact Art Promotions to book this movie at a cinema, 901 859-2316 or write
Contact Art Promotions to schedule CHRISTMAS RIDE in your cinema text 901 859-2316 / 901 289-4939 or write 1138 N. Germantown Parkway Suite 101 132 Memphis, TN 38016 (mailing address) Contact: Karen Francis, Art Promotions 901 859-2316 or 901 289-4939 This film is rated PG by MPAA More at and Film Ratings {CARA} See